Moral Constipation

Cornel West is a very controversial figure with whom I think I disagree on quite a bit, but whom I find incredibly challenging AND entertaining, nevertheless.

Over at BigThink.com, he did a short interview on "What to Die for." You get a good flavor for what kind of character he is. I especially liked this quote:

"So many folk dealing with spiritual malnutrition, brother. The emptiness of the soul, which is often times inseparable from a moral constipation. Where the good and right just get stuck, and you can't get it out. You need a little ethical diarrhea to get the flow going That is what we need right now."



Ordinary Radical said...


I will trust your judgment in terms of agreement with him...but his greatness v. success defintions were spot on...is he a universalist/relativist?? That is the sense I got.

Brett Berger said...

Now, I haven't read enough of him to know in detail, but he definitely comes from a tradition of Christianity informed by Marxism/Liberation Theology. He is unapologetic about being a Christian, but it is definitely a brand of Christianity our kind is typically not comfortable with. I am pretty sure that he would see Christianity as his tradition, but finds all traditions embody these virtues in valid ways.