Lovin' on

I can't stress this enough. I've made this plea before. I don't want to hear about youth pastors or youth workers "loving on" or advocating the "loving on" of their students. Not only should "Loving on" be reserved for the marriage bed, but I am certain it is illegal and emotionally damaging to minors.

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Brett Berger said...

The sign of a really bad joke is when you have to explain it. So, if you've been around youth ministries at all you may have heard the awful phrase "lovin' on" used. It is used to describe a good thing, which is loving kids (i.e. showing interest, encouraging, and even appropriate signs of affection). But I hate that phrase. You love someone. You don't love on someone. You love on your spouse, if you catch my drift.

So, bad joke, but I'll let my embarrassment stand for the all to see for all times.