a good heart

A couple weeks back, Audra and I watched an interview with Jon Gosselin. Jon went from—as the interviewer said—America’s favorite dad, to kind of a deadbeat. The interviewer, who was kind of a hardballer, also questioned him about the days when his kids are going to become aware of all his antics. (Now, I should say that I can sympathize with Jon. Perhaps, I am the only one. His wife and his life were impossible to live with. I could see long before all of this that it would only be a matter of time before he cracked.) But Jon answered with a response I hear time and time again from all kinds of people—they’ll know my heart. Basically—my actions are shady but my heart is good. Now because Jon is/was a professing Christian, I can say this. What you do is your heart! Jesus does not allow us to make this distinction. You will know them by their fruit. Out of the heart comes all kinds of adulteries. Do not be deceived!

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