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We have been going through Paul's letter to the Ephesians with our small groups. The following are the sheets we have been using so far. I wondered if someone might want to give feedback - maybe even use them. Do they make sense? Are the questions clear? Are the questions the right questions?

A quick note on some of the thoughts behind them.
(1) The hope is that each person will use the sheet to work through the passage for their own personal study during the week. Then our gatherings would be about sharing what we've found. Admittedly, this has been little more than hope so far.
(2) One objective is to teach each person how to read the Bible. We want them to be able to see and discover things themselves, the goal being an increased confidence and motivation to read the Bible.
(3) The questions are few and focus on discovering the main points and themes of the passage. To the previous point, we want them to discover each passage's point, not necessarily what it means to them or how they have previously understood it.
(4) The implications for living are important, but cannot be properly understood, until one properly understands what the passage means. So, these kinds of question are saved for the end [a little delayed gratification]. There are general questions, but each person is also encouraged to consider specific scenarios to consider for the coming week.

Here they are. I'll post more as we go along.
Week 1 [Eph 1:1-14]
Week 2 [Eph 1:15-22]
Week 3 [Eph 2:1-10]
Week 4 [Eph 2:11-19]
Week 5 [Eph 3:1-13]
Week 6 [Eph 3:14-4:6]

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