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While the free market can lead to great innovations, it can go very astray when profitability supersedes social responsibility. The beautiful thing is that the consumers really do have the power, if they should choose to use it, by purchasing and investing with their values. So I like to pass along companies that I think are worthy of our business.

Meet TerraCycle. This is a cool story. Tom Szaky got an idea while a 19 yr old student at Princeton. Considering the problem presented by our waste, Tom began taking the kitchen scraps from the Princeton cafeteria and feeding them to worms, harvesting their poop for fertilizer, and bottling them in discarded soda bottles. From those beginnings, the rest is history. The company has developed tons of very cool products all made from trash and packaged in trash.

Check them out.


this is terrible

I can't even begin to understand how this can be justified biblically. This guy might make a great American (but I doubt it), but he definitely makes a terrible Christian. He either needs to change is ways or change his name.

Tempe Pastor Prays for Obama's Death.

Please spend some time reading Romans 12-13 and 1 Peter 2. If these can apply to wicked Roman Emperors, then they can apply to Obama. And that is not at all meant to liken Obama to a wicked Roman Emperor.

***This comes from the same genius that brought us the worst sermon ever about how real men pee standing up!!!


Blurb about George Bernard Shaw at Read Mor Ded Peepl.


bi-vocational ministers

The White Papers is an archive of papers and presentations by GCTS faculty.

Here is a provocative lecture on bi-vocational ministry by Korean professor Steve Kang. (BTW, if you want to learn about doing ministry, I strongly encourage you to listen some to the Koreans.) Kang raises a lot of thought provoking questions about "professional" ministry.

Bi-vocational Ministry by Steve Kang


you ever get the feeling...

I am not a committed proponent of laze faire government, but sometimes it seems like there is an inability to see the big picture. It seems as if crisis puts us in reaction mode. So we are trying to solve individual problems without really seeing how to architect the big picture. I'm just saying.

The Unintended Consequences of "Cash for Clunkers"


C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce at Read Mor Ded Peepl.


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