Top 5 Mistakes In Marriage

Scot McKnight forwards this question. What are the top 5 mistakes made in marriage?

My Answers:
1. Getting married because you want to be married.
(I have seen many settle for the first person who wants to marry them because they wanted to be married so bad and felt this was their only shot. If you are not secure enough to remain unmarried, please don't get married.)

2. Ignoring red flags that arise and warnings you receive during dating and engagement.
(Guess what? They will not change, and it will only get worse once you put that ring on.)

3. Men withholding love for sex, and women withholding sex for love.
(It's a surefire way to drive them into the arms of another. If you don't, someone else will.)

4. Men not making their wives feel like beautiful women, and women not making their husbands feel like competent men.
(Same as above. If you don't, someone else will. If you think affection just comes naturally, you are in for some surprises.)

5. Slighting your spouse in public.
(Next time you see someone slight their spouse in public, look into that person's the eyes, and tell me what you see.)

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