Top 5 Mistakes in Leadership

In the same vain of the previous post “Top 5 Mistakes in Marriage,” I list my “Top 5 Mistakes in Leadership.” List your own top 5 or challenge mine in the comments (or on your blog):

(1) Wanting to be in leadership.
(2) Blaming failure on those you are leading or external circumstances.
(3) Believing those you are leading are servants to your vision.
(4) Failing to or being unwilling to admit error or confess sin.
(5) Leading out of ambition and not out of burden.


David Malouf -- said...

1) Leading - you're probably not supposed to. It's an 'America' thing.
2) Picking one way to lead and making sure everyone thinks it's the RIGHT way to lead.
3) Getting followers to follow your way of leading instead of leading followers the way they follow.
4) Leading when no leading needs to be done. Like during conversations around lunch.
5) Thinking the vision you're givin' encompasses not only all of the listeners' lives, but all of life to-date.

Brett Berger said...

good show, david malouf!