Atheists De-Baptize

This USA Today article describes a new ritual that many atheist groups are practicing - de-baptism. Apparently, they are using blow dryers labeled "reason" to symbolically blow away the folly of religion. It is a kind of mock ceremony, but many are finding it cathartic.

It was very therapeutic," Gray said in an interview. "It was a chance to laugh at the silly things I used to believe as a child. It helped me admit that it was OK to think the way I think and to not have any religious beliefs."

One seminary professor responded with...
Baptism "is a kind of adoption where you become a child of God, of the church and of the family," he said. "You can renounce your physical parents, (the church and God), but they cannot renounce you because you are their child. Anybody who makes fun of baptism probably hasn't gone into it in enough depth to know that."

Any thoughts?

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tyreed11 said...

the seminary professors statement is a bit odd