praying today's psalm: psa 76

At your rebuke, O God of Jacob,
Both horse and chariot lie still.
You alone are to be feared.
Who can stand before you when you are angry?
From heaven you pronounced judgment,
And the land feared and was quiet—
When you, O God, rose up to judge,
To save all the afflicted of the land.

Surely your wrath against men brings you praise,
And the survivors of your wrath are restrained.

(Psa 76:6-10, NIV)

Father, forgive us. Forgive us for our lack of fear. Forgive us for drawing you up in our minds as some eunuch—some impotent nice guy in the sky. Lord, you are unsafe and uncontrollable, and may we never forget it. You are the Lord! And as such, restore in us the right and proper fear. Let us remember that your day is both the great and terrible day of the Lord. Amen Amen

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