In Stephen Barton's The Spirituality of the Four Gospels, he gives this swell description of prayer. He is emphasizing the prominence of prayer in the spirituality of Luke and Acts. Enjoy.

Prayer, therefore, is kept constantly before the reader of Luke's two volumes. It is as characteristic of the apostolic church as it is of the Lord of the apostles. It is the means of communion with God in order that God's presence and Spirit may be experienced and in order that his will may be done. It is linked integrally with the other major aspects of Lucan spirituality we have covered so far, for it provides the channel for joy and thanksgiving, it provides the language for repentance and forgiveness, and it functions as the rich soil in which an enduring faith is able to grow. (p. 91)

If we had to rank the so-called spiritual disciplines—which are never really listed or defined as such in the Bible—I believe prayer is foundational to them all.

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