throwing around big numbers

You know when our country's budget deficit and the stimulus plan are talked about, the numbers are thrown around and it is hard to really grasp the enormity of these numbers.

Here is a simple math problem to put into perspective.
Take the estimated number of years since Christ's birth (2013).
Multiply that by 365 for the approximate amount of days, not figuring leap years (365).
Multiply that by $1,000,000, not figuring inflation. So that you are earning $1,000,000 per day since Jesus' birth.

You would have earned almost $735 billion.

Now compare
$787 billion = Approx amount of the stimulus bill
$1.8 trillion = Approx amount of the budget deficit forecast for end of fiscal year (Sept). (That's over twice the size so it would be like earning over $2 million per day.)
$3.55 trillion = Approx amount of Obama's budget plan submitted for 2010.

No judgment either way, but it is hard to even get your head around those numbers.

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