Greg Boyd - Myth of a Christian Nation

This is part 2 of 3 of an interview with Charlie Rose. Thanks to Travis for the the lead. There is no part of this interview that I disagree with, except that in part three, in a part that had the two of them kind of talking over each other, he made an unclear comment about the Judeo-Christian values. I think if we sat down to talk, we would actually agree 100% on this, but I believe that the foundational values of the American Experiment owe more to the philosophical enlightenment (i.e. modernity/liberalism [in the philosophical sense not the left-wing political sense]) than it does biblical Christianity. Sounds like his sermon on this issue went over a lot like mine, except for the fact that I didn't have a 1000 members to lose.


PG said...

To me, the most interesting line in that interview was, "when Christians get in power, it's no different than when anyone else gets in power...we do persecution or whatever in the name of Jesus".

I know I'm veering off the point of the blog post, but I believe, in a sense, that a George W. Bush (and other like minded Republicans) hijacked Christianity and used it to conduct his foreign policy (throughout history, there are countless examples of leaders using religion for war/conflict/etc, I chose to use the most recent example).

Could this be a reason why society is becoming less and less religious? Does this make folks more jaded about their own faith?

BAB said...

I definitely think it is why many people are jaded (see Bill Maher). I think the mistake that is made is people attribute the problem to religion itself and not to those who have followed or used it because militant atheism has proved to be just as guilty (see communist countries).

I think there are two things that probably happen. (1) a leader/people can just be mistaken. That is they have misunderstood or been misled about what is the right thing to do, or (2) a leader can consciously use it to manipulate the people.

I want to believe Bush was in the first category, but I am not the one to judge. But what was interesting was after the 2004 election, the Dems made a conscious effort to win the Evangelical vote and so all of sudden they started to talk about their Christianity.

PG said...

It's frustrating because a lot of times people identify Christianity with a cause (God Hates Fags, Iraq, etc) and Christianity gets a bad wrap as a result. A lot of times the cause becomes the most important thing and actual faith takes a backseat. As a result, Christianity suffers (in the sense that more and more people are walking away from it). This may seem like a wild question, but does Christianity have a PR problem?