coming evangelical colapse

PG, here is a little something for you [kind of] in response to your comments on the Greg Boyd post. A bit of an in-house debate on the future.

It starts with this blogger's prediction that Evangelicalism, as we know it, will collapse in the next 10 years. InternetMonk

Then you can go to the editor of Christianity Today's response.

And a scholar near you, Scot McKnight at Northpark Seminary, chimes in here.

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PG said...

Very interesting reading. That was the article I was initially referring to (Internet Monk or whatever his name is). My point was less about "is evangelicalism on it's last legs" and more to the point of "are some of the people that identify with evangelicalism more wrapped up in it's causes and less with concerned about what is actually leading them to that cause". Coming from a political angle, believe me, I have seen my fair share of the "Christian right" that takes up their issues and fights with the tenacity and fervor of a warrior. Through it all, at times, I have seen these folks exhibit behavior that is contrary to anything that the Bible teaches or stands for. The hate that eminates from these folks is absolutely astounding. Do these folks "walk by the spirit"? And I don't want to group everyone into this category. But I do think that certain folks hijack Christianity and use their religion as an excuse for their behavior. And as a result, I can see how people can become skeptical about religion as a whole (which is where my PR comment came from).

What is your take on the Internet Monk post? Not necessarily the predictions (I think it's safe to say that any prediction is pie in the sky), but some of the reasons for his predictions.