1 Year Bible Reading Plan

So, over the years I have read each book of the Bible, but I have never been able to read it through. Most of the 1 yr reading plans were too daunting psychologically because they went day-by-day and if you missed a day or two or three it became overwhelming. Beyond that, they are generally too choppy, jumping around the Bible each day so you get snippets of the OT and a snippet of the NT each day.

So I made this plan, and so far so good.
The advantages in my mind are:
(1) it breaks down by week, which makes it psychologically more doable. What is better: "Read six or seven chapters every day" or "Finish Genesis by Sunday"?
(2) it breaks down to 1 Bible book per week (2-4 for the really short ones and 1/2 for larger ones) and 1 Psalm or Creed for every day. This helps you to better grasp these books as whole documents not chopped up pieces. Also, it takes you through the Psalms and three important creeds twice in the course of a year.
(3) it tackles the whole OT before touching the NT. This might seem like a disadvantage for some, but I think the payoff is worth it as so much is missed or misunderstood in the NT because we have no knowledge of the OT.
(4) it breaks down by the OT in the order of the Hebrew Bible rather than our English Bibles. What!? There is a difference? Yes there is. Our English Bibles are broken down by the Historical books, The Poetic books, and the Prophetic books. The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) is broken down by Torah, Nevi'im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings). The differences are books like Joshua, Kings and Samuel are read with the prophets and books like Daniel, Ezra, Chronicles round out the writings. This order was likely already solidified in some form by the time of Jesus, and so could have been the order he would have had it organized in his head.
(5) The NT narratives are rearranged to highlight their unique features. Mark is first, which is likely the first Gospel actually written (and one that Matthew and Luke used and expanded upon). Luke and Acts are read as what they really are, one story in two parts.

I am no good if I don't have a list/plan to tell me what to do. This has helped me stay on track so far. This list also includes a column where you can write in other books you've been wanting to read but keep putting off.

Give me feedback on what you think about it, and if you try it, let me know how it works for you. If it is two much cut it in half and make a 2yr reading plan.


nate said...

I'm catching up on your blog and I love this plan.

One other advantage that I'd add is that you can start at any time! I often feel like I have to read the bible in a year starting in January! So, just this morning I was thinking, "hm, I should read the bible in a year starting next year. OK, so what should I read until January?" BUT, with your plan I can start on Monday!

You are awesome.

BAB said...

Thanks Nate! To your point, I actually developed and started this for myself in February.

I updated the image if you printed it. Before I had the boxes to the right of the readings, but I found it was more confusing to look at because of the spacing, so I moved them to the left. But that is me being anal.

Hope marriage is treating you well.